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Stimulating Creativity through an Arcade Machine

As someone who loves intellectually stimulating work that brings a vision to life, I always look for opportunities to outlet my creative energy into a project, whether that be through creating a stock pitch, or even building a full-size arcade machine.

In fact, a study conducted by San Francisco State University found that "employees who pursue creative activities outside of work may find that these activities boost their performance on the job." I champion this philosophy and practice to my life to help me produce my best work both in and outside of the workplace.

For example, one of my highlight accomplishments as a senior in high school was building a custom arcade cabinet. As someone who likes video games, I always wanted my own arcade machine in my house, and with my woodworking background, I knew that I could turn that dream into reality.

About the Project

One of the coolest parts about the build is that the entire side actually opens up and functions as a large storage space, as the entire system itself is powered by a microcomputer that is about the size of a hand. The entire project was custom built, and I had the help of a graphic designer for the sides to make the cabinet truly come to life.

The project itself roughly took 200 hours to make, and challenged me to learn how to plan out such a complex project and develop new skills and techniques as a hobbyist woodworker. Everyone who sees it always wants to play it, so it is great conversation starter while also presenting an opportunity to play some of our favorite childhood games.

It was a great experience to build, not only to make a cool new centerpiece for my family's house, but also to develop learn project management skills, which is a competency I have been improving through both my creative work and involvement at Penn State to better prepare myself for a career in finance.

Project Build Timeline

All pictures/videos on this page relate to the process and completion of my arcade cabinet project and sourced by myself.

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